ABOUT ME..and what you will find here... imageABOUT ME..and what you will find here... imageABOUT ME..and what you will find here... image
Welcome  to The Dwelling Place.
On  these pages, you will find a wide assortment of home décor items, from Gold Leaf  abstract wall art,
to  upcycled & revamped furniture, with a little bit of just about everything  else.
I  love a wide range of painting techniques, styles, colours, and apply them to  canvases, furniture, lampshades, and clothing.
I  am.....
*Debras  Originals for Fine Art, Gold leaf abstracts, Intuitive, and Painting with Paper  collage,
*The  Dwelling Place for home and office décor, including upcycled  furniture,
*Fab-BoHo  for Bohemian style clothing and accessories.

My name is Debra Blades, I am a huge dog lover, ( but all  animals in general), a Funky Nester ( homebody)
and I have loved art in almost any form, for as  long as I can remember.
Making things with my  hands goes back so far..my thirst for trying new mediums goes back just as  far.
Around 1990, I fell in love with the  Victorian Era, and made well over 1400 elaborate hand sewn Victorian  lampshades,
with beading or dyed fringe,  images under crushed glass, this was done in the 1920's on lampshades.
After 21 years, I was grabbed with the fever of  Gold, Silver and Copper Leaf Abstract art, I am still going strong.
But I couldn't stop there, Zentangle ( Doodle  Art) is another passion of mine.
Then came  "UPCYCLING FURNITURE", this is an endless and very rewarding art form, knowing  that you have rescued an abandon
piece of  furniture, and turned it into a loved and very useful item, is very  contagious.
So along with all of this I have  added my "BoHo, Bohemian" home décor items I call "Fab Boho", making hand bags,  totes, Bohemian pillows,
all made from  vintage clothing and antique textiles, buttons, beads and trims.
For now, I have lots to keep me  busy...I hope you find something that speaks to you.